AFS Norway is currently seeking an EVS-volunteer to work with projects related to volunteer development.

Attached is a pdf with some criteria and suggested projects. They are not very specific, but it is to be able to give the EVS-volunteer some influence on formulating a more specific project. The important part is that the EVS-Volunteer are motivated to work with volunteer development, and have some experience working with volunteers.

If you are a potential candidate, please write a short motivational letter (1/2 — 1 page) and AFS Norway will get in touch with you.

Deadline: April 15th.

Jonas Ørnes Andersen
Frivilligkoordinator / Volunteer Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

По вопросам, связанным с подачей заявки, можно обратиться к Наталье Захаровой nat[email protected] или Анне Копысовой [email protected]

AFS NOR — Call for EVS-Volunteer