Dear AFS Russia,

I hope everything is great over there!

I’d like to congratulate the whole organization for its 20th birthday!

These 20 years in operation are result of a strong work in Russia, which become a fruitful recognition to everything you have done so far. This is mainly a recognition to all work developed by Nonna Kovrizhnykh and Natalia Chugunova, not forgetting the staff of AFS Russia office and your network of volunteers, without whom this project would be simply impossible.

I hope you can keep you hosting students for more years in future and sending Russians to overseas as well.

Now, after three years of my experience in Russia and I understand the value it has for me as a person. This exchange meant and means not a travel, but continuous growth.

Thank you so much for the opportunity which has been given to me of for being part of my life!


Kindest regards,

Flavio Santos

AFSer from Brazil to Russia, 2008-09 in Cheboksary